Armie Hammer Mug Shot
Armie Hammer's mug shot following his January 2012 arrest for marijuana possession. Nice.

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Bob Roberts: you are an idiot.I don’t know about Dr. Rob, but I’m pterty convinced that Philalwyer does not blog in order to help other people or make himself famous. If anything, he writes because it helps himself escape his shitty job/lifestyle. Judging them on whether or not they help other people (something neither claims to do) makes no sense.Additionally, I don’t understand how you lump TM into the reality tv – celebrity category. Most of his antics occurred before he was famous, his funniest stories are of his epic failures (law intern, respectable person, etc.) before he was published. He was a degenerate before, and continues to be. Your argument that Dr. Rob and PL latched onto TM does nothing to disprove the point of their article. Add to the discussion or go home.PL, congrats on the new site. I’m glad to see are continueing to collaborate with Dr. Rob Any chance of more work with other former Rudius contributors?

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