Anthony Weiner Twit Pic?
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Is this really a shot of Anthony Weiner's crotch? The Congressman says his Twitter account was hacked when this was sent to a 21-year old female follower.

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Unless there is a photo linking it directly to him, the one shown seems a bit innocuous. Could have been taken from anywhere. He has committed a wrong but his own admission, but if this is as bad as it gets, what's the big (pardon the pun) deal? What he's done should be entirely between him and his wife and family. This kind of nonsense happens all the time!.
The problem is if he used business equipment or funds to do it. The he should be treated as any other employee!!!!!!!!!!


"Mmm...he's packing a nice one." "Janynice" must be a girl that's never dated a black man. That photo is equivalent of a black male that hasn't gone through puberty yet!!! Rob "Dundalk Dude" Wagner


Hey,Anthony looookin'good!!!Where can I get a poster?




Big deal, you can kind of tell it's a boner but it's not like it is a flat-out nude and you can't even see his face. But even if it was Weiner, it's not especially incendiary. Let's assume that it was Weiner-he appears to probably have a boner (it's not especially clear) and it isn't even his bare, nude cock. The pose itself doesn't even imply sex. Either this is much ado about nothing or we don't have the whole story.


Looks pretty average to me. If he can't use it any better than my ex did - size wouldn't matter anyway. If he has to brag about it, then it could be he probably can't keep it up.


Mmm...he's packing a nice one. But looks like he has Skinny chicken legs tho'...not my type.


Lol if it was his, I wouldn't mind him sending some more pics my way. Looks like what he's supposedly packing is nice. Hah, I hope it is his.