Anthony, Casey
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Casey Anthony was recently acquitted of murder in a stunning decision by an Orlando jury. What will she do next?

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When the slut goes back to her whoring/bar hopping ways - I hope every drunken pic gets plastered all over the internet along with where she is so her adoring fans (sic) can hunt the bitch down and give her--- what's coming to her. The Hunt for BabyKiller will be ON!!!!!


Someone who's HEARTLESS and COLD on the inside is NOT pretty on the outside!! Casey Anthony is a DIRTY ROTTEN HAG!!!!


HIDE YO MAN HIDE YO KIDS!LMFAO NICE... thats too bad idk where that bitch ass slut whore pig was when she was in palm springs.. 30 miles from me... wait til she comes to cali again..
boy am i waiting for her!


I think Casey Anthony needs to stay with someone who isn't related to her because the media will always find her and that isn't going to be safe for her. The whole world is after her!! I also think regardless if she is guilty or not, she should be forgiven and let God take care of her punishment! Only God can judge her or anyone else. Just sayin....


casey was fukkin every male attorney, probly the bitch attorney too... casey anython is a fukkin slut who wanted no more than to party, and be a whore so she killed the only thing in her way.. bitch has problems... i hope she fukkin kills herself from the guilt... do it in the worst way possible.. i hope u suffer u fuckkin cunt!!!


Ooh, Casey Anthony is sooo pretty. She drives a real man crazy. She will get married to some lucky gentleman very soon.


Casey marie anthony is also sleeping with jose Baez ,Cheny Mason, for money and they are all trying to become rich from little 3 year old Caylee marie anthony which is a crying shame and all 3 of them will be senteced right to Hell when that day comes! they will bust hell wide open I will pray for all 3 of you because you 3 people are truly sick in the head!Thanks


Casey anthony is in Palm springs califorina in a nice hotel she has went shoping and has new clothing to wear?


To whom it may concern, I feel that she got away with MURDER! She will have to deal with it the rest of her life,as if she really care's... I agree with the world she should not have gotten off scott free!!!! She now will have to look over her should every time she goes out and have the guilt of knowing she did it!!!! I feel for the small little girl who has no chance in life now, she was a beautiful little girl... Who is going to never know life as her dumb ass mother! I am sorry that I am so upset but who wouldn't be?