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According to this tabloid cover story, Robert Pattinson is sort of dating Kristen Stewart. But he wants her all to himself dammit!

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I know for sure that I would choose to date Robert!
I mean, he said everything beautifully in the movie!
At least she could pretend he said that in real life! What chance do the rest of us have at a perfect partner like Edward? Nil.
And my cousin is dating her ex best-friend and says that there is trouble between Kirsten and her partner because he is getting jealous!
I think he has every right to be jealous! I've heard alot. It would be wrong of me to confirm they were dating as I have only heard it through the grapevine of a close source. But I believe it is true.


Um idk what to say about this newest revelation on robert and kristen.
i think that they r dating, but im not sure if robert is the persistent type. he seems really chill and laid back. but maybe hes more serious with kristen cause he really seems to like her alot.
i think she should choose robert. not only is he charming, attractive, smart and witty but hes got a huge heart and will treat u right


choose robert he is HOT AND FUNNY not that other dweeb you're dating

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