Annoying Duo
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Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston used to date. Now, they just fight with each other on Twitter.

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what a face... what a wheel... what idiots


woah. okayy :0 i actually am brithish and i can tell you that were not as stuckup as WTF so he's going to need to go under character development if he really aspires to be a brit! I LOVE AMERICANS! :) he was sad because he just wanted to be british but i think none of you are sad!! americans are so cool that i had my first wank over you guys :) thankyou it was the best i ever had. "cum again?" hahaha get it!? ahh. thankyou for making my dreams come true. oh! and before i forget.. thanks for inventing naught america. it's the best porn site EVER XXX


what the fuck. if you don't know what you're talking about, then don't say it! it's like me saying your pubic hair is blonde but i don't know, and then loads of ppl could agree with me and *TADA* what, its now a fact?! NO -.- they have broken up, but if you looked at their teitter they were both really upset about it but felt they had to because they were going to live apart, it was actually really sweet. so fuck you mingers who are chosing a "side" when you don't even know what you;re arguing against. and YES if you're wondering i am just another saaad american who is actually a little bit better than all of you because i know what im talkin about and if i don't i won't make statements cos it makes you look like an arse. oh and again YES, i am such as sad american that i aspire to be british incase you couldn't suggest that from my choice of words. SCREW YOU BLOODY WANKERS :)


She is either drunk or high on something.. no surprise.


Oh, she looks amazing in this pic... not!
haha i love how Justin has the purple leopard skin around his wheel, and the Halo Kitty teddy hanging on his mirror ;)


Hi I love miley and she deserves the best and I hope that guy is not stupid and if he is miley u better get anew boyfriend.he doesn't know how lucky u r fellow
Hi miley


miley is great she is pretty but not so mu ch to say beautiful but she has a great voice a very great voice


i think miley is so beutifull i think she should not change at all and sinse i like her so much i am going to be like her. i love you so much :) luves you. lol


i love miley cyrus. she is my number 1 celebirty and some day i am going to be a pop star like miley cyrus. i am planing to do that. i love you so much miley cyrus. i wish i can see you :)


iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeeee mmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy