Anne V Bikini Pic
Anne V is dating Adam Levine. And she's posing like a goddess in this Sports Illustrated photograph.

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Review by David A. Zapolsky for Rating: Yes, Sports Illustrated is mainstream and often atldicrpbee. Yes, the swimsuit issue is prehistoric and offensive to many. And yes, they've put Michael Jordan on the cover 50 times. But it's usually pretty well written (and sometimes very well written), they do cover a pretty broad variety of sports, and the photographs are always stunning. It's amazing that in this age of televised live digital technology, Sports Illustrated's photos still are often more interesting to view than the televised events. If you like sports but don't have time or have better things to do than watch Sportscenter every night, Sports Illustrated is a reliable, quick, and enjoyable way to stay on top of the US's major sports stories week by week. It's also the magazine that I always pick up first at the dentist's office.

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Sports Illustrated
2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
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