Angelina Jolie Wasting Away!
Angelina Jolie is WASTING AWAY on the cover of Star Magazine. January 2012 style.


This is from Deadline Hollywood's comment soceitn on Angie thread. It's very telling about publistless Angie and other actors/actresses whose publists working hard for the sake of maintenance of their clients's IMAGE.*****Having interviewed her at length twice (and comparing her to just about every other actress/actor working in Hollywood, who’ve I also interviewed at some point or another) Angelina stands apart not just because she’s intelligent, talented and well-spoken. She’s also absolutely genuine, a rarity in her business, incredibly cool and yes, normal.Stephanie


I saddens my heart to see such beautiful women put their body through so much crazy weight loss diet. I believe that everyone is not meant to be skinny or obese but everyone should be at a healthy weight. Some of the women are so skinny that it is scary. Hollywood paints this image like everyone is suppose to look a certain way and it is BULLSH---! God loves variety and he made everyone uniquely beautiful. If people spent more time with him it wouldn't matter about your weight, your nose, or your lips but the love he has for you not the artificial you.

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