Angelina Jolie: Heroin Addict!
Gotta love Star. Hope they've got some good lawyers on retainer!

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I look up to Angelina, Nobody in their right mind should believe this crap. I love Angelina Jolie & I don't care what the magazines have to say about her. I agree eith Debbie, Angelina is a wonderful person, & no ammount of this lying will change her.


the reason she is so skinny, i believe, is bwecause shes working her butt off doing all her humanitarian work. she probably dont take time to eat. the rest of the RICH celebrities should be half as compassionate as these good people. LAY OFF OF THEM!


Such a bunch of Bull !!!! isaw this rediculose "gossip" mag when getting my groceries!!! I KNOW to Never believe them!!!! I think she is a wonderful lady and a wonderful momma, and wife, and Actress, and I believe in her. Makes me think of the song by don Henley,"we love Dirty laundry!!! Oh people LOVE GOSSIP without knowing the truth!!! I feel for those in thepublic eye, as they have no privacy, and also Star magazine and others like them make their money off of making up lies to sell to those who love dirty laundry!!! Just my 2 cents worth. Debbie

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