Angelina Jolie at SAG Awards
Angelina Jolie at the 2012 SAG Awards. What a stunner.

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jpf that pic of Brad hinlodg Zee and Angie hinlodg Shi is also my favorite pic. I love the way Shi is resting her head against her mumb4s shoulder. There is also one other pic which is my favorite. Itb4s the one in which Shi has wrapped her arms around her mumb4s leg. Seems like she wonb4t let mummy go anywhere. A few years ago the h8ters wrote that Angie is neglecting Shi because she feels closer to Mad and Zee (Pax wasnb4t adopted by that time) but that all was a lot of BS. After watching these cute pics of mother and daughter hinlodg hands and Shi in Angieb4s arms those people should think twice. Shi is just as dear to her mum as Mad, Pax and Zee. And so are Knox and Viv too. Maybe the reason why Viv wasnb4t there was that maybe it was Knox and Vivb4s nap time. But Ib4m sure that Angie will take Mad, Pax, Knox and Viv to the set pretty soon.

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2012 SAG Awards
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