Andy Dick Mug Shot
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This Andy Dick mug shot places him immediately in The Hollywood Gossip's Hall of Shame.

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Andy Dick Drunk

Andy Dick is a drunken mess. Just take our word for that, or look at this pic.

Andy Dick Mugshot

Andy Dick's latest mug shot features the comic more clean-shaven than we would have expected!

Andy Dick Mug Shot (2010)

Never a good sign when you have multiple mug shots and we have to note which year one of them is from as a result. But such is the life of Andrew Dick. A.K.A. Andy Dick.

Groping the Fellas

Andy Dick may or may not be found guilty of sexual abuse, but dude was definitely all over some guys at a West Virginia bar.

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You sure are judgmental concerning the mug shots of people of color and cutesy with mug shots of white folks. Do you even know you're that way? Probably not. Probably white.