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Amber Lee Ettinger talks to Steppin Out magazine. This is one beautiful, hilarious woman.

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Though AMBER LEE'S TITS aren't terribly large, she does have
all the posing angles down to a science to go along with that
beautiful smile & innocent eyes. I too caught HER OFFERINGS
on BIKINI DESTINATIONS. The episode was titled PLAYING IN
PARADISE. I did a little playing myself in my bedroom. It
was a real joy attacking my tv screen with MY DRIPPING TONGUE
simply to simulate TASTING THIS GORGEOUS BABE from head to toe.


Just finished watching AMBER in a segment of BIKINI
DESTINATIONS. And 'cause of that I've decided to do a
RELENTLESS INVESTIGATION on the web to get caught up with
all THIS CURVACIOUS BABE has been doing.

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Amber Lee Ettinger Picture
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