Amanda Beard Naked
Yup, Amanda Beard is nude again. Not in Playboy this time. In an ad for the animal-loving company, PETA.

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yeah be "comfortable" in your own skin. by exposintg it to enough gamma rays to turn it into an orange peel. or maybe that's just shoe polish. PETA for the win.




Big freakin deal..tons of people have been posing nude for peta. Id be more worried that putting the flag in a peta ad is saying that the whole country supports what they support, more than the the nudity issue. I mean the whole country is nude at one time or another....


What she said about her swimming competitor who won the 7 gold medals indicates that when that beautiful bod turns to cellulite, there's not going to be much to attract even the "Ewww!" guys. She better enjoy the next 15 years, because after that it's gonna be the guys saying "Eww!" Maybe brain transplants will be possible then.

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