Already Split!
This tabloid cover says it all: Jon and Kate Gosselin have been separated for months. Don't act like you're shocked.

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I am sorry, but Deanna Hummel dont have anything on Kate. Kate is beautiful. Deanna is nasty!!! What is Jon thinking!!! Barf!!!


I feel that we haven't heard the whole story. I've always been on Jon's side but, he needs to man up. Jon is acting like a little boy, he's not getting his way so he doesn't want to play anymore. Making the choices that he made, is clear he wasn't thinking of the family and he just didn't care. And when he talks it's all about Jon and he's still young and has a life. Like he's missed out on life. Jon grow-up and quit whining. Kate is a survivor and she will go on without you that's obvious. She's had to be the strong and dominant person because you're so wishy washy.

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Jon Gosselin is the father of a lot of children. He's got his big break as one half of the couple in the title of the show Jon and Kate... More »
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