All Wet
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Here's another Miley Cyrus photo leaked onto the Internet. Reportedly, someone hacked into Miley's email and discovered her... posing in a public shower?

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What does she want? She wants "sex"!!!! It feels like she in eternal mating season or something...


This is the last time i am posting a comment to get my point out there, its a good way of saying you wanna be a model i guess, at leaste she dont have her boobs hanging out or anything, get a life and get over it, i do it too, so dont flatter yourself saying shes a slut, your obviously jelous, that she has a good body. am i right? , i am so right. so peace, nightnight, good morning good afternoon have a good eavning what the freak ever.


I love how all of you are critizising her, and you're all like .. ten. Learn how to spell, jesus christ.


dude wtf miley?! i mean y would u take those pix and put them on ur myspace i mean seriously thats just stupid just take a pic of u trying 2 look naked and flashing ur bra or w/e dumb ass girl!


*omg im soo depressed i cant believe u take picture of your self naked! then u take picture of your self (WITH CLOTHES ON) in a shower? i dont get it! 1. it should be the other way around!
2.pplleeeaasseee dont turn bad because little kidwill start copping u! trust me! my little sister is copping u with the naked photo shots!
apart from the wrong pic. u or other ppl take...i like them because your having fun! n it make me feel happy again :D


omg im soo depressed right now. i cant believe


hey miley, i personaly dont think of you as a slut or hoe or anything like that but u really dont need to take pictures like this where they cud wind up on the internet. but kids look up to you and you need 2 stop displaying pics like these. but i think u r a great person!!! love :)


wtf i didnt think u were this sluty!? what r u doing? n i thought u were a a-hole...... but ur a slut n this is huge pruf of it!!!!!!!!! i hope all ur fans see this n leave u




meh, its not showing anything.
its what every young teenager does, unfortunatly