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Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are engaged! They are still together! Wow, The Bachelorette stumped us on that one!

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I actually have a positive feeling about this relationship. Both Ali and Roberto seem to be mature and focused, completly unlike the previous vapid contestants. It is possible that we may see an ABC-funded wedding this coming spring. Chris is a seemingly very nice young man, but undoubtedly unsuited Ali, other than as a friend (which she, herself, said). I think Ali is very ambitious and would not be happy being married to a guy who works in landscaping, no matter how nice he is. - I was just happy to come away with a positive feeling for a change.


hope that Ai and Roberto, will last forever, you have to walk with the thine line before you can walk into wide line, thats how you be a sucseful maried. dont run away or do somthing crazy everytime little issues in your realationship. specialy put God first in your relashionship. you will see it will last forever.

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