Ali Fedotowsky and Jake Pavelka
Will Ali Fedotowsky be back on The Bachelor? All signs point to yes.

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yes this show has become sad. From the get go i think he will choose Ali and she will come back. I think he found his true love on the first day and said forget everyone else but to make it juicy he had to keep it going! I cant take any more Molly Melissa scandal! For once just pick a girl and go on!!!!!!


It's so ridiculous this show but I watch it when I can just for laughs lol. The whole :"Ali, has to go back to work" thing is such a scam. THis chick just thought she could put Jake in a position or rather a corner and he would break. She wanted to find some way to get him to choose her and thought she could put his back to the wall by saying : "I have to leave" WEll it backfired on her and he let her leave. Ohh and the enxt episode she is calling him. RME . Keep it all in perspective folks, ya can't fall in love R/T on t.V. lol I think this show shold go away and stay away because it just is so stupid now.

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