Don't look too broken up, Tila Tequila. The vixen is seen here, just a week after fiancee Casey Johnson passed away.
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It's not surprising that Tila Tequila is posing for a photographer. But keep in mind: this is days after her fiancee, Casey Johnson, died.
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In the wake of her fiancee's death, you might find it shocking that Tila Tequila is posing this way. But that would just mean you don't know Tila Tequila.
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Note to Tila Tequila: if you want the paparazzi to leave you alone, just go inside your house.
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Is this how Tila Tequila mourns? This picture was taken days after her fiancee died.
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Casey Johnson who?!? Tila Tequila doesn't seem too broken up about her fiancee's death, just days after it took place, in this photo.
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