It's no secret that THG adores Adam Lambert. The singer takes the stage here as part of Q102's Jingle Ball in New Jersey.
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Adam Lambert performs here at the Q102 Jingle Ball. The crowd went crazy for the singer as usual.
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Adam Lambert does his thing in Camden, New Jersey in this photo. It was snapped at Q102's Jingle Ball.
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Adam Lambert looks fierce in this photo from Q102 Jingle Ball. The event took place in Camden, New Jersey.
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What do you want from Adam Lambert? To sing very well? Okay, he can do that.
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Adam Lambert sang multiple hits for fans in Camden, NJ in December of 2010. It was part of Q102's Jingle Ball.
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You really gotta love Justin Bieber as a performer. The little guy knows how to bring it!
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Justin Bieber performs here for fans in New Jersey. It's an image from Q102's Jingle Ball.
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Justin Bieber is coming right into your living room in this photo. We assume readers don't mind.
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Meet the luckiest Justin Bieber fan ever. She was called on stage and got to experience this at Q102 Jingle Ball.
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