You go, girl! Miley Cyrus performs here during the 5/18/10 Dancing with the Stars results show.
Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
What do you think of the new Miley Cyrus? This singer is clearly after a more mature audience in 2010.
Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
Look, people, you really can't tame Miley Cyrus, okay? Just stop trying to put her in a cage dammit!
Rating: 4.1 / 5.0
For a performance on Dancing with the Stars, Miley Cyrus went all bird-like again. Is this a sexy look on the singer?
Rating: 3.8 / 5.0
Just two years ago, Miley Cyrus never would have donned this look. But the singer has come a very long way in a very short period of time.
Rating: 3.3 / 5.0
Miley Cyrus cuts loose in this still images from her performance on Dancing with the Stars. It went down on May 18, 2010.
Rating: 2.8 / 5.0