Do you like Miley Cyrus as a blonde? The singer went with that look in the summer of 2012.
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Phew, Miley Cyrus can still put her hair in a bun. The young star changed up her look a bit in August of 2012.
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Miley Cyrus is back to being a blonde! The star shows off her locks in this photograph.
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Miley Cyrus loves America. She makes that very clear in this patriotic Twit pic.
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Good morning, world! Miley Cyrus has Tweeted this early morning, makeup free photos to fans.
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Yup, these are the legs of Miley Cyrus. Could you guess, based just on the photo?
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Alright! Miley Cyrus is back on Twitter! She sent out this photo as proof that she's a social networker once again.
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Miley Cyrus says shes wearing "Fiance jeans" in this photo. But we're more focused on her stomach. It's damn thin, don't you think?
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Miley Cyrus has Tweeted this photo of herself in a see-through skirt. It's sort of cute, we guess. Sort of odd, too.
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Are you a fan of this look on Miley Cyrus? Sound off now on the punk outfit and short haircut!
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It's another Miley Cyrus Twitter photo. The star has taken to that social network to show off her new, very short hairstyle.
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Miley Cyrus Tweeted this photo to her millions of followers. She likes to take them into her home.
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