Maxim has run this photo of Kate Upton. And all we need to say it: thank you, Maxim!!!
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No Hot list is complete without Mila Kunis. She poses here on behalf of Maxim.
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Dizzamn! You may have made a mistake, Justin Bieber. Just look at this photo of Selena Gomez from the pages of Maxim.
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Katharine McPhee is only wearing lingerie for this Maxim photo. HOT STUFF!
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Jennifer Love Hewitt poses here for Maxim. She is #6 on the Hot 100 of 2013.
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Ronda Rousey bares almost all for this Maxim photo. Looking good, UFC fighter!
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Demi Lovato bares more than usual for this Maxim photo. She's #26 on that magazine Hot 100 of 2013.
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Hello there, Joanna Krupa! we're loving this Maxim photo of the model, aren't you?
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