Levi Johnston poses shirtless for a photo in which he changes baby son Tripp. Yup, kids, this is what happens when you bone Bristol Palin without protection. You gotta change diapers ... but you get your photos all over GQ magazine.
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Levi Johnston is a self-proclaimed redneck. It is no surprise that he hunts, fishes, and cannot speak in sentences longer than three words.
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Levi and Tripp Johnston pose for a photo in GQ. The little guy is the product of Levi having unprotected intercourse with Bristol Palin. Gotta love it.
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Mercede Johnston is Levi Johnston's sister. She's a cutie. One who should be pregnant by the end of the year, we'd guess.
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Levi Johnston is not yet 20 years old, but here he is carrying baby son Tripp. What a trip the last year has been for the Alaska native.
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Levi Johnston and Mercede Johnston are brother and sister. They seem nice. Too bad their mother, Sherry Johnston, was arrested for slinging drugs out of their house. Weak!
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