Lady GaGa has made her feelings on pants very well-known: she's against them, as proven here on The Today Show.
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Over 18,000 people came out for a Lady Gaga performance on The Today Show in July 2010. She rocked out for fans, despite a driving rainstorm.
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Lady Gaga is decked out in all-white as she performs for thousands in New York City. This photo is courtesy of The Today Show.
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Lady Gaga was forced to sing in the rain during a concert on The Today Show. She doesn't appear to mind, does she?
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That's what Lady Gaga is to us. Look at her ... would you not consider that angelic?!
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Who needs a shirt? Not Lady Gaga, not when she's performing on The Today Show in New York City.
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The rain splashed down on Lady Gaga during a concert in NYC in July 2010. But that didn't stop her from entertaining thousands of fan.
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Lady GaGa isn't really known for playing the piano. But she does love to roll around on it during concerts.
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This seems about right for Lady GaGa, doesn't it? Can she even see out of those glasses?!?
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What a hair-raising performance! Lady Gaga put on a great show, bad weather be named, while in NYC in July 2010.
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