Sing it, Lady GaGa! The singer belts out a tune during a NYC concert.
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Fans crowded into Terminal 5 in New York City for this May 2009 Lady GaGa concert. The "Poker Face" singer has made a big name for herself.
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What can really be said about Lady GaGa? She's a unique artist, one with miserable taste in fashion.
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Lady GaGa is suspected of being a hermaphrodite. We guess it's possible, but this ass looks hair-free to us.
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Lady GaGa sings here at a concert in NYC. We're guessing everyone in attendance just wanted to hear the song "Poker Face."
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Lady GaGa is known for two things: crazy fashion and very catchy songs.
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Many people believe Lady GaGa has a penis. Really, they do. But where would she be hiding it in this photo?
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Lady GaGa entertains fans in this photo from her May 2009 concert in New York City. The event took place at a venue called Terminal 5.
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