This is an example of one of Kim Kardashian's watches. It has her name on it, people! It's a must-buy!
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There's a reason Kim Kardashian is not wearing a breast-accentuating top in this photo. She wants us to look at the watch on her wrist.
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Yes, Kim Kardashian really is launching her own watch collection. She shows off an example from it here.
Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
What time is it? Time for Kim Kardashian to make more money by slapping her name on a wristwatch that, sadly, many folks will likely purchase.
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Kim Kardashian isn't wearing just any watch in this photo. She's wearing a watch from her very own collection.
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It's unclear why anyone would purchase a watch just because Kim Kardashian slaps her name on it. But don't tell the reality star that.
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