Nice hat, Kim! The vixen shows off some European style during this stop in Capri.
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You can't really tell by this photo, but take our word for it: Kim Kardashian is in Milan.
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Wow, we've found something bigger than Kim Kardashian's breasts and/or butt: this mug of beer!
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Cheers! Kim Kardashian holds a beer mug that is largely that her backside in this photo from Germany.
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Kim Kardashian did a lot of press in Paris during September 2010. She's pictured here in that city.
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Kim Kardashian and mother Kris Jenner are photographer here in Paris. That's the Louvre in the background.
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Hello, is my publicist there? Kim Kardashian places a phone call from London in this photograph.
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Kim Kardashian took a trip through Europe in September 2010. As you might expect, she documents her travels via photographs.
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Kim and her mom are in Capri in this photograph. They took many pictures of themselves around Europe during a 2010 press tour.
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