A naked picture of Joanna Krupa. She's gonna be Dancing with the Stars for the championship. But the real winner? You. For ogling Joanna Krupa online at work. Life is good, eh, fellas?
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Joanna Krupa looks hot as molasses in the new issue of Playboy. Or is the expression slow as molasses. We forget. But there's nothing slow about what's gonna happen when you lose those pants, gents, are we right?
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Joanna Krupa poses for Playboy. She was pretty much born to do this. What a hottie.
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Joanna Krupa naked in Playboy. It's a pretty sight. A REALLY pretty sight!
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Joanna Krupa posed for the July 2005 edition of Playboy. She'll do so again in December 2009.
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Another day, another Joanna Krupa nude photo. Who says there can be too much of a good thing? Certainly not the interns who uploaded this pic for your enjoyment and were paid minimum wage! It's like they're stealing money.
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Joanna Krupa covers this issue of Playboy. She looks mighty hot doing it, too!
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