We're as shocked as you are by this development. Miley Cyrus is actually wearing pants at a House of Blues concert in Los Angeles.
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At a House of Blues concert, Miley Cyrus kept things conservative. Yes, this is now conservative for the young artist.
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Miley Cyrus broke out the double peace sign during a concert at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. She performed there in June 2010.
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Miley Cyrus broke out her classic hits at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. She looks quite emotional in this photo, doesn't she?
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As you can see, Miley Cyrus is singing on stage in this picture. But she's made it clear that her future is in movies, not on tour.
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We're glad Miley Cyrus is wearing pants during this performance. But we wish her hand was placed elsewhere.
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Miley Cyrus rocked out at the House of Blues during a June 2010 concert there. The crowd went crazy for this singer.
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Miley Cyrus is on record: she says she "empowers" females. Do you agree with this self-evaluation by the singer?
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This is actually a very conservative outfit for Miley Cyrus these days. She's performing here at the House of Blues.
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