Ciara in the house! The singer attended a launch party in honor of Hennessy Black liquor.
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Kim Kardashian is happy to attend any event that pays her to show up. The latest? A launch party for Hennessy Black.
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Wow. Adrienne Bailon is carrying some dangerous weapons in her dress. They're about to explode!
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Easy there, Adrienne Bailon. You might wanna tuck those breasts in. Leave something to the imagination.
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Looks like Kim Kardashian likes her alcohol the same way she likes her man. Here she is at a party in honor of Hennessy Black.
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Your hair looks fine, Kim Kardashian. Now, can you open your blouse up more so we can check on your boobs.
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Jaslene Gonzalez must be happy to sort of be back int he spotlight. The reality TV star is seen here at a party in honor of Hennessy Black.
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