Beyonce is the star of Obsessed. She is not obsessed with anything in particular that we know of, however.
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Beyonce dazzles at the premiere of Obsessed. No wonder so many peeps are obsessed with her. Day. Am.
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Beyonce arrives at the premiere of her upcoming new film 'Obsessed' in the city of New York.
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Beyonce is looking downright fierce here. Then again, that's what the girl who sometimes calls herself Sasha for whatever reason is probably going for.
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They're all sexy pics when you're talking about Beyonce, of course. What a body, and what a talent!
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Man, Beyonce is lookin' FINE in these pictures from the premiere of Obsessed. She's as hot as they come, pretty much.
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Honestly, you could bounce a quarter off that piece. Good grief. That dude in the background knows it, too. He's loving the view.
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