Al Gore Sexual Assault
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That's the outrageous allegation made by the National Enquirer against the former Vice President in its new issue. Do you believe this could possibly be true?

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Al Gore and Tipper Gore Pic

Now this was a divorce we did not see coming. Say it ain't so, Al Gore and Tipper Gore!

Al Gore Image

Al Gore is the former VP of the US. He ran for President in 2000 too.

Al Gore III Mug Shot

The son of former Vice President Al Gore, who is also named Al Gore, was busted on possession of drugs and for driving over 100 miles an hour in July 2007. Pity.

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What kind of action can one expect from a massage therapist for $540.00? It appears that Mr. Gore paid a premium amount for services without knowning which services he paid for. Just like a Democrat: spend without researching, and then have a hissy fit when you get exactly what you paid for. Perhaps he should sue her for the sexual gratification he anticipated.


Yes, I think it is true.