Al Gore Sexual Assault
That's the outrageous allegation made by the National Enquirer against the former Vice President in its new issue. Do you believe this could possibly be true?

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Typical how narrow mdenid people fail to grasp the concept of the bigger picture. The reason for all three outlets selling the same 11-inch skillet is stated as follows:"With the purchase of the Earthchef 11� Tree Canada skillet, BergHOFF will sponsor Tree Canada to plant a tree in Canada, and ensure its survival over 5 years. Planting trees counters our CO2 footprint, making it a more breathable Canada. BergHOFF is a platinum sponsor of Tree Canada."The comparison of journalism is that of apples to oranges, it just doesn't add up. The Bay has always been a high end outlet, thus the higher prices. Zellers, on the other hand, is for the average Joe Canadian looking for a deal. Home Outfitters is more for home decor than it is for useful household items.


What kind of action can one expect from a massage therapist for $540.00? It appears that Mr. Gore paid a premium amount for services without knowning which services he paid for. Just like a Democrat: spend without researching, and then have a hissy fit when you get exactly what you paid for. Perhaps he should sue her for the sexual gratification he anticipated.


Yes, I think it is true.

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