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Let's see what you got! The AGT judges check out an act in this scene.


My comment has to do with the performances at Radio City Music Hall. All those backup singers, dancers, bright lights and flashy backgrounds kill the performances of the contestants. Their voices are drowned out. Viewers spend so much time watching the glitzy light show they can't see the contestants, never mind hear them. If the singers can't hold the audience with only a guitar or piano to accompany them, they won't hold them any better with all those flashy stage props.


The show began its decline when HOWIE was added. He is a simpleton and a boor. Didn't like his comedy as a stand up and he definitely does not add to the show. The next hit was the loss of Sharon. She was terrific. The ego of Stern pushes the talent and the other judges off the stage. He is a simpering idiot. Insufferable. MelB is a complete waste of time. Heidi needs to accept that she'll never be anything more than a mute model. There's a reason for that. The judges this week were rude and disrespectful. Something Sharon never was. I'm this close to not watching. You had better get this judge panel fixed!


I have been a regular fan of AGT since it's beginning and for the most part I have enjoyed the program until this season. I have been completely disgusted with Howie Mandel and wish the powers that be - PLEASE TAKE HIM OFF THE JUDGING PANEL NEVER TO
RETURN AS JUDGE!!! His CRUDE remarks are not needed nor appropriate!!! HE IS NOT FUNNY!!! His remark to juggler Charles Peachock on Tuesday night - YOU TOOK OFF YOUR SHIRT AND DROPPED YOUR BALLS . . . ! I THINK HOWIE WAS JEALOUS BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE AS GOOD A PHYSIQUE AS THE JUGGLER!!!
Every week it seems that Howie tries to push the envelope further and further to the raunchy side. There are a lot of young children who watch AGT and they should not be subjected to those kind of remarks!!!!! Thanks for listening,

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