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Justin Bieber looks like his adorable self at this book signing event in Los Angeles. Don't you wish you were present for it?

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I'm a proud glasses-wearer myself, and to me, a great-looking face is only made even better looking by wearing glasses - - - so long as they are of the proper size and shape. For decades, I've had a serious passion for men (and women) wearing glasses that really turn me on, and I have a vast video and photo collection of such people. In Justin Bieber's case, he looks stunningly good in those huge black-framed glasses! I prefer the "old-style" big frames, and these really stand out on him. In perusing the internet photos available, it looks as if Mr. Bieber has MANY pairs of glasses - - - possibly as many as I do!


ok this is what i dont get so many poeple wear glasses and yes i am one of them but why do people wear fake ones on some people they look good (justin one) but some people dont need to


he rocks in these glasses


hi men im mees u ineed see u you now


Que chamo tan hermoso:$:$:$:$ Cuando vendrá aquí a barquisimeto???

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Justin Bieber Book Signing
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