Adam in Japan
Surrounded by back-up dancers, Adam Lambert strikes a pose here during a concert in Tokyo. He's so darn talented!

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@purplefiz: I thought your comment was complimentary until I read the last sentence. Try to look past the superficial imagery you may find shocking or abhorrent. Both Adam and Rocky Horror use over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek "camp" art to entertain. Remember the "don't dream it, be it" swimming pool scene at the end of the movie? To a rabid and exponentially growing rabid fan base, Adam Lambert is a musical genius, but is compelling because he is true to himself and unafraid to fully live his dream.


for heaven's sake puplefiz, he's just being an entertainer. there's no carrying on!; he gave a kick-ass live performance on a japanese morning television show and it was fabulous and fun. i love him for putting on a show, then pulling it back -- just sitting on a stool and singing -- then showing up all glammed and singing and dancing in glitter. he's one of a kind.


has anyone thought that this "guy" looks a lot like he is trying to revive "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"? The first time I saw these pictures I thought omg.... it really is a cross between the "trans-sexual from Transalvania". and Liberace. Stop helping Adam Lambert from carrying on this way.

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Tokyo Concert
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Tokyo, Japan
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