Adam and Drake
Adam Lambert shares a laugh with Drake LaBry in this picture. The pair is seen exiting a Pink concert at the Staples Center.

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OMG, THEY ARE SOOOOO SUPER CUTE TOGETHER..i wish them both happiness!!!!!!


I think this shot is adorable!


I dont think Michelle is jealous,Drake is very dirty looking, he needs to wear a shirt or a Jacket like Adam does. I remember Adam bought him a 350.00 Jacket, Wear it & cover up that wife beater shirt. Surely you can afford a new pair of boots that are not all ragged & need to be thrown away. I work for a western co that sells Hats & Boots & know how much they cost, I also work for Dillards & know how much boots cost there. Drake needs to wear something befitting to be Adams boyfriend, or he could lose out to someone that deserves Adam.


OMG! michelle is a Rude Jealous Insecure Brat with so much negative energy (such a turnoff)! ANYWAY, Love Adam and Drake together, both are Gorgeous! They are one of the hottest couple in Hollywood and wish them much love and happiness! :)


your boyfriend is gross!! he is soooo ugly.... you are sooo cute,,,, find someone who is worthy of you... this ugly piece of crap looks like he is diseased and smells bad!!!! you have so many beautiful guys to choose from why would you pick this greasy, hideously ugly dude !

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Adam and Drake Together
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