A Trophy Wife
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Spencer Pratt carries his trophy wife Heidi Montag. Trophy wife or maybe cash cow. Either way, great stuff.

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Proud Pratt

Spencer Pratt is loving life these days. He can choke the chicken to his own ugly wife in Playboy while making money off of you looking at pictures of him thinking about it. What a great country this is.

Heidi Montag Side Action

That's a pretty impressive side view of Heidi Montag's man-made breast. Unfortunately she is not attractive or this might even be sexy.


Basically, this Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag picture is likely to induce vomiting. So if you ever need to after a long night of drinking, just call up our gallery of Speidi pics.

Speidi Goes at it

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are one step away from getting naked on tape. Just given them a couple of years and let their star power diminish just a little.

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Heidi and Spencer in the Bahamas
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