A Tired Move
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Yawn. Is anyone even taken aback by Miley Cyrus' schtick at this point? She needs to get more creative if she wants to be taken seriously.

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@AngelSnowWhite: just because a young adult wants to be sexy doesn't mean she wants to be 25. And how is she a bitch? Because she's doing what she wants and speaking her mind more?


she is finally living as she should, before she was the girl that everyone wanted to see, she was what people wanted but not any more, now she is a normal teenager living her life and doing what she wants to, let her be happy, live your own life


@kon: that's so true. she usd to be an innocent, nice girl from the neighbourhood but now she's turned into a wannabe-25-years-old bitch, to be honest.


you are sick you are not maily or hana that i love