A Rihanna Topless Pic
Rihanna posts a photo of herself removing her swimwear and becoming topless on Facebook during a recent vacay. That's about all we need to explain.

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I think this photo is beautiful and shows a side of her that we have been all been waiting for. sometimes u just have to be u and have fun a little bit. she is not revealing any ta ta's or any thing its just a tasteful photo of her under the tropical waters enjoying her young and youthful life. Some people may call it bazaar but do u call Victoria Secret Angels Bazaar or do u call the Play Boy Bunnies Bazaar? Please people stop hatting on the girl. she is doing her and i rather see her happy than with a busted up eye on the right side of her face slouched over with the look of death written all over her face. Cute Pic Rhianna do u girl and i hope the trip was a blast. I wish I had the pleasure to just go any where in the world like u but hey what can I say Im just a nobody.

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