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This is Rielle Hunter. She is John Edwards' shameless, horrible mistress. You just never know when her 15 minutes will expire.

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Rielle Hunter Picture

This is a picture of Rielle Hunter. John Edwards' mistress is quite a character.


John Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, out smoking a cigarette. Basically, this is news given John Edwards and Rielle lost significance after John's failed Presidential election bid in 2008.

Rielle Hunter is Insane

Rielle Hunter, John Edwards' baby mama and former mistress, is a bona fide whack job. Just look at her. Just insane.

Rielle Hunter is Crazy

Rielle Hunter, John Edwards' baby mama and mistress, is a bona fide whack job. Just look at her.

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How selfish to give her baby such shameful start in life. Social services should take her baby away and put her for adoption with a decent family. Rielle's paramour, Edwards, doesn't deserve parenthood either. Shame on both of them.


Rielle is a homely mistress who John keeps in hiding. Its obvious that he saves the pretty ladies on the side. He is such a liar and schemer. Rielle he doesn't want you, your low class in his eyes. He had the best , he will only play with you on the side, he is ashamed of you, he called you a slut and idiot.... wisen up!


This face belongs on a brick shit house!


Compared to Liz, kinda makes her look really good.