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This is Rielle Hunter. She is John Edwards' shameless, horrible mistress. You just never know when her 15 minutes will expire.

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How selfish to give her baby such shameful start in life. Social services should take her baby away and put her for adoption with a decent family. Rielle's paramour, Edwards, doesn't deserve parenthood either. Shame on both of them.


Rielle is a homely mistress who John keeps in hiding. Its obvious that he saves the pretty ladies on the side. He is such a liar and schemer. Rielle he doesn't want you, your low class in his eyes. He had the best , he will only play with you on the side, he is ashamed of you, he called you a slut and idiot.... wisen up!


This face belongs on a brick shit house!


Compared to Liz, kinda makes her look really good.

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Rielle Hunter Biography

Rielle Hunter Picture (John Edwards' Mistress)
Rielle Hunter (a.k.a. Lisa Hunter, a.k.a. Lisa Druck, a.k.a. Rielle Jaya James Druck) is a strange name that will live in political - and... More »
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Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter Quotes

He was very real and authentic. He was an inspiration to me.

Rielle Hunter [on John Edwards]

One of the great things about John Edwards is that he's so open and willing to try new things and do things in new ways.

Rielle Hunter