A Mean Mom
Us Weekly has breaking news: Kate Gosselin is very mean! This is the SIXTH consecutive issue of the magazine that has featured the awful mother on its cover.

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Leave kate alone its Jon thats the cheating skumbag


Mean mommy? I call it disipline and there is nothing wrong with that! Kate is doing a good job. You only see what's on TV and they want the drama which brings in more viewers. Hell if I had a Nanny I would be at the gym too and If I had trips offered to me well hell who wouldn't pull the kids out of school to go on a FREE TRIP! Come on people get real! Give the women credit. She has 8 kids and a deuche of a husband. Now she has to deal with her kids being around a 22 year old pot head and drunk. I predict Jon's going to fall hard.


i do agree that she is a mean mommy!!! how can she not watch her kids. i think all she cares about is her self!!!! what a mean mommy!!!!


Hell, most of the morons who have children can't handle 1 child so people should keep their mouths shut! My husband's ex-wife liked to pull the old "I'm calling social services on you about your son" crap and they would come out, see nothing was wrong and then my husband would proceed to tell them this "You want him so bad and I'm doing such a horrible job, I'll pack his bag for you and you can take him now?" Then he'd ask if they had children and always they'd say "NO".
I don't those kids are being exploited. They look like they're having fun, are well taken care of and she puts a lot of thought into what she is going to do with her children that day. Most of these so-called mothers running around here are either so focused on their jobs that the nanny is the only person who knows anything about the child or mothers who are strung out on something and more worried about their ghetto boyfriend and what he's doing and what he's got in his pocket. So, Kate-you're doing GREAT!!


You people are sick, why don't you get a life and leave Kate alone! She may not be perfect, but are you? I think she is a great mom, everything she does is for her kids. I'd like to see the rest of the world handle 8 kids as well as she does.

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