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Hailey Glassman lies on her back, post-bong hit. Where is Blake Powers when you need him.

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To each their own but this little girl is not a good example for those kids...so, the pictures tell it all. One day those kids will see. I hope it all get resolved for the kids sake.


Really? Come on John,
She may make you feel young and all that BS but when it comes down to it you cant want any kind of woman like that around your kids. I cant believe you are even seen in public with her.
She is young and with a past like that she makes Kate look like a Saint!
I am a mom and I cant imagine how Kate must feel, not about you but about how she will have to worry about someone like that being in the same room with those 8 adorable kids.
Smarten up and quit thinking with the man in your pants!

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Hailey Glassman Photo
Hailey Glassman became Jon Gosselin's new plaything after he divorced wife Kate in mid-2009. Prior to Hailey Glassman, Jon was doing... More »
Nyack, New York
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Hailey Glassman