A Gaga Pic
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Lady Gaga lives up to her name in this photo. What a lovable nut job.

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Lady Gaga Topless with Friend

Lady Gaga and a skeleton look like they are getting along fine. And why shouldn't they? Neither looks like they eat much.

Nude Lady Gaga, Skeleton

Lady Gaga gets naked with a skeleton. Nice. You gotta love what she'll do for a good photo op. What WON'T she do?

Gaga Over Gaga

We certainly are. And can you blame us? She's got the music world by the balls and she's not nearly done yet.

Stefani Germanotta Picture

Lady Gaga's real name is Stefani Germanotta. You gotta love this girl ... or maybe you don't, it's a free country. But tons of people do, apparently.

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Ahhh, gosh, everyone hate Lady gaga, she dosent do anything dont hate her, peoples... :) I love her, just imagaine if someone said i hate you to you everytime wont you be sad? I LOVE HER!!!


very spooky not to mention coool