A Broken Home
Or so Star would have you believe anyway. TomKat news never seems to get old.

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oh yeah, Katie needs to cut her losses and divorce Tom Cruise.


Katie Holmes looks depressed and depleted. Her face looks lifeless. We all know what that's about. Hello. NO SEX FROM TOM! This woman has needs. She desperately needs to have an orgasm and it's obvious that her husband, Tom Cruise, has anti-beaver syndrome. Even the most expensive kick ass vibrator in the world can't give Katie the sexual intimacy that she is probably lacking from her marriage with Tom. Before she shrivels up into a dried up piece of drift wood, Katie needs to say "fuck this contract", cut her losses, take her child and for goodness sake, get laid by a beaver-friendly human being. These fake Hollywood marriages are getting ridiculous. They are even stressing me out.


This whole arrangement between these two has been nothing but a farse from the very beginning. We all know that; do they think we can't see through their scam. Again, another poor child caught in the middle. Why doesn't he just "COME OUT" and be done with it.


Don't pretend this was ever a real marriage. According to a past magazine article, it was alleged that Katie's previous boyfriend (the one before Tom)was the real father of Suri. Get this girl out of that Scientology Cult. I don't care how wealthy Tom, her maybe-not-father is.

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