A Barbie Wannabe
Heidi Montag looks ridiculous. Unless her goal is to resemble a real life Barbie doll, in which case, great work!

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Who cares... Heidi is not the first person to have plastic surgery.. geez people.. plastic surgeons have been around forever and apparently more than just one person has procedures or hello there wouldn't be any surgeons.. leave the girl alone... she lives in a city where appearances are everything and from watching the shows she seemed to have been teased for having smaller breasts etc... i mean we all have our insecurities and i'm sure if we all had the money to fix those insecurities we would do it too .... everyone wants to look their best and if this makes her happy why do people care... i bet if you were flat chested your whole life and got teased day in and out and someone walked up and offered u 5000 bucks say here go get a boob job who would turn it down honestly...just let her be who she is and stop hatin....


For starters I don't think that everyone needs to be dawging on this poor girl! I mean yes she is crazy for being with an idiot but she is not the first person in this world to get a boob job! I mean I would never get one~but for goodness sake if she had the money and wanted to do it then let her do whatever the heck she wants to! Is she harming any of you? I think not! So get a grip people! And to you CindyF~please don't talk about Tori Spelling that way! You are probably just jealous of her and that is why you can only think of mean things to say about her! Coming from a mother of 3 with one on the way~ I think that Tori is a fantastic mother to her children and she strives to do the best she can to take care of her family. You can not fault someone on the people they marry~ Some people can not help who they fall in love with!That is just LIFE! SO, DEAL WITH IT!


I think a lot of people have a problem with her because she had a gorgeous body to begin with, but now that she's "enhanced" it, they have a reason to attack her for it. Personally, I think the breasts look fairly silly and her choice of duds that leaves very little to the imagination seems a bit juvenile. Yes, she's certainly in outer space now, but when you take someone who is that insecure and you put them in the heart of silicone land, personality evaporates and leave behind some tacky, meaningless residue. What a strange girl. But she's got great legs and a great stomach!


wow she is so ridicuosly disgusting looking. fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. i agree with cindyf 100% heidi is one vain, stupid girl. i truly cannot get over how bad she looks. tsk tsk.


shes not even close to a barbie ...
barbies dont look ugly no they dont sorry...


Wow. So very sad to see a girl do that to herself. I liked her pre-Spencer. Now, she's not worth a second glance, who cares what's inside - all she cares about is the outside. Did she think she'd be taken seriously? So so sad.


Oh, one more thought, the fake boobs. Give me a break. They look so fake. Why can't people just be happy with what God gave them. Materialistic is what she is. She has no beauty, because beauty comes from within.


She and Tori Spelling look like men in my opinion. She and Tori both married LOSERS and both the girls are HUGE wannabe's. They have nothing to offer and Heidi does nothing. No acting,singing NOTHING.
Spencer is a punk and they both need to grow up and do something productive in life

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