18th Birthday Party
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Miley Cyrus stands alongside her birthday cake in this photo. She celebrated with family and friends at a club in Los Angeles.

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Avan Jogia Photo

Avan Jogia was spotted out and about with Miley Cyrus in the latter half of 2010. We're not judging, just saying: he appears to be her new arm candy.

At Miley's Party

Avan Jogia is pictured here at the 18th birthday party of Miley Cyrus. He was later spotted licking the neck of the birthday girl!

Star-Studded Affair

Mother Tish, Demi Moore and Rumer Willis came out to party with Miley Cyrus in late November of 2010. The latter singer was celebrating her 18th birthday.

Miley and Demi Moore

Friends turned out to help Miley Cyrus celebrate her 18th birthday. Among them, actress Demi Moore.

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Miley's 18th Birthday Party
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Just so you know people, by trashing her, your just encouraging people to love the way she looks. If you want people to act differently you ignore how they act now. It works a lot better then insulting.


she's 18 not 12 she can dress however she wants people need to shut up about it


wat the freak!!!!! i agree wiff baily shes really pretty but she REALLY REALLY REALLY looks like a slut


wow really miley u look like such a tramp no effense but i liked u better the way u were!!! and dont u get that there r little girls that watch u and then u go and dress like that and act like that!!! ull probly turn into the next lindsy lohan or brittney spears!!!!!


how the f*** did i get to this website! but anyways she looks hot in this pic! i like the new look! miley call me! i'll make out with you too!