Happy 21st Birthday, Niall Horan!

sorry to say but he's still in uberty, folks!!


no, she jusst bought a thong this time............


kim was 14 years youn, I know because I did it.

Celebrity Virginities: When Were They Taken?

I think you are mistaking Adriana Lima for Miranda Kerr when it comes to the Beiber thing...


Seems to me she would be relieved to be rid of that no talented show off.

Iggy Azalea Denies Existence of Sex Tape, Threatens Legal Action

that IggyAzaleaSexTaped video site looks pretty good.
should be big news once released


I really think this is being sensationalized to the max. A switch is not a "branch" as the police said. A scratch is not a "wound" as these articles say. I saw the pictures. One little scratch on the kid's leg and several switch marks. I walked around with those same kind of marks as a kid (after being sent out to pick the switch myself) and it certainly didn't harm me, turn me into an abuser or serial killer, and I haven't required therapy or medication to be a fully well adjusted and functioning adult. It showed me my dad meant business if I kept misbehaving or being a smart alack. This is simply not the same thing as a man punching a woman unconscious. Not saying he didn't lose his temper, not saying he didn't go overboard, but let's be real here...it isn't remotely the same kind of situation.

25 Reasons Justin Bieber Needs to Get Punched



If she will kiss this guy "she will kiss anything"!


Billy Ray must fight the to urge to kill himself on all days that end in Y?