Who's Next? Jolie Confirms Future Adoption Plans

It is wonderful that you are doing all this great work for United Nations. In order to a be great example to others, one must firgive and forget. Many of these children don't have a father to forgive and forget. My father is gone and you are a very lucky person to have, John Vioght. congrats on children and brad. If my dad was alive, I would be a happy person. My dad was my hero no matter what he did. You are a very person to have a father.

Bennifer's Dallas Love Triangle

Ben Affleck did a great job of trading up for the right Jennifer. Jennifer Garner is perfect.

Lohan Objects to Thinly Veiled Shopaholic Attacks

It's not really an addiction if you have the money to spend. Lindsay Lohan is the typical young woman with a lot of money to burn. They go shopping until they can't spend any more money.