Rihanna Pays Inspirational Visit to a Sick Fan

hi hey are you real rihanna take is my hotmail el_joel02@hotmail.es

Nadya Suleman Prepares to Bring Home Final OctoBaby

Give the girl a break? Your tax dollars are paying for the 14 million USD NICU hospital bill and welfare for her 14 kids.

Britney Spears: The "Blackout" Album Cover, Track List

what the hell?
hah, go ahead little blogger. sit there on your computer chair, feeling all big bagging out britney.
well shes gotten a hell of alot farer then you have. she has god knows how many tracks that have hit top charts back to back!
so shut the f%^& up.
britney is my favourite artist
despite some of the things she's done.
shes human, everyone makes mistakes.
gees. get a life, and stop sitting here bagging out perfectly normal superstars :)
yeah, i just went there

Daisy de la Hoya Stars on Rock of Love, Shows Beave

Besides...she dis puerto rican and Oscar is Mexican.

See Amber Lee Ettinger Nude in Playboy

i would fuck her! she has a gr8 body i would have 20 babies! omg i cant stop masturbate

Zac Efron Thanks Tweens, Mocks High School Musical

I think he did a gr8 job....i love him soooo much!!

Miley Cyrus Hates On Robert Pattinson

not everyone only likes rob because he plays edward!
i mean im an edward fan but i no that rob & edward are two tottaly diffrent people...

Susan Boyle to Avoid Dentist, Hairdresser

I would think that by now most of us know that physical appearance and musical talent do not go hand-in-hand. All one needs to do is look at the train wrecks that appear on each season of "American Idol" - most of them are there because they are either crazy or beautiful. Why does this woman need to look a certain way in order to share her gift with the world? I hope she stays exactly as she is, and I wish her all the success in the world. She would be one of the few celebrities who gets by on talent alone, not hyped-up image.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: New Moon Set Pics

does anyone else think that that is the tackiest f-ing bracelet that he has to wear -- please pick something that doesnt look that it came from the 99cent store - no offence -- i like that store but really - he like a bazillionare in the books -- make it look like it

Correction: Natalie Mejia is Dating Chris Brown

Thats not his girl, rih is still his main chick