Miley Cyrus Pregnant, Nick Jonas is Father

I cant believe that someone would make junk up like that!! nick jonas would never have sex!! wat do you all think his purity ring is for!? ( to not have sex until marrige!! ) if people dont like miley just say it! you shouldnt make up lies!!! AND I PERSONALY DONT LIKE MILEY BUT STILL NICK JONAS IS WAY BETTER THEN THAT!! and if nick jonas did do that his parents would like disown him and he would not be on stage still!! and if miley does have a baby i know for sure it's not nicks! she was propably knoked up by some other jerk!! ( not saying nick is a jerk bc he soo isnt!! ) so im just saying that if you dont like nick or the jonas brothers you should just say it!! and/or you think it's cool to make up lies well it's not it's wrong and right now nick is soo surprised and shoked that someone would lie about him and his somewhat of a FRIEND miley!!!

Raffaello Follieri: Arrested!

conosco raffaello da quando ha 18 anni e la sua famiglia....non posso chredere di tutto questo che dicono di loro....ma secondo voi e cosi facile spciarsi per quaquno di vaticano? e arrivare dove e arrivato in america dove ti controllano per generazioni prima di entrare e no prima di fare dei affari....ragazzi questa e sollo invidia e disturbo che questo ragazzo a datto a qualquno che gli a fatto la testa...una testa da tagliare da i potenti qundo diventa ingestibile.....chi non ha pecato geta la prima pietra....la bibia

Face-Off: Should David Archuleta Win American Idol?

I love David Archuleta, and I coudn't agree with kelly more. He's just deserve to win so much more than Cook. But what's done is done, and Archie doesn't need American Idol , he will have an amazing career.

Carmit Bachar Leaves The Pussycat Dolls

I wish Carmit the best of luck on her solo career.
She is a wonderful singer. I rekon she will have a sucessful career buh i do wish she didnt leave. She is soo unique. She gunna go very very far

The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 36

denise with her ex husb. gold digger ?
husbent stealer ?
pig lover ?

David Archuleta Signs Record Deal

Im so happy for you david a. I loved hearing all your songs in AI and I cant wait to buy your cd. You are an inspiration. Keep smiling and always remain to be humble. You will really go far in your music career. Take care always. We will always be your side. Archie forever!!!!

Surata Zuri McCants and Ruben Studdard: Set to Marry

I think she is beautiful...she kind of look like Tamara Mowry on that picture...I wish them nothing but the best...I'm a huge fan of Ruban.

David Cook Leads American Idol Charge in Omaha

david ur most talented winner ever!i love u and u will have 2 do a gig in dublin.xxxx

Robert Knox, Harry Potter Actor, Stabbed to Death

First off the comment posted by user Isaac, All I can say is have some respect this is not the forum for your personal beliefs on wether knife crimes are higher in the U.S or or the U.K. Show some class man. As somebody who has lived all over the world myself i feel that wether it happens once in the U.K or the U.S is one too many. To Roberts family and friends I did not know but I am sure he was great son, brother and friend, I am sure there are no words that will comfort right now but I am sorry for your loss. God Blrss.

Audrina Patridge Hangs with ... David Cook!

I like them together, they look cute, better than him and Kim...
No offense.

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