Super Stud Showdown: Zac Efron vs. Chace Crawford

Zac looks really gay in that picture but... Chace is just not hot. Did you see Zac on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine? He looked amazing!

Jamie Lynn Spears Baby Bump Update: Growing!

hey jamie i love your show so much....anyway just wanted to congratulate you on having a kid, i think your gonna be a great mom!!...im pregnant 2 im due for september though..and im from barbados...anyway just wanted 2 let you know that your loved and supported world-wide from your fans. LOVE YA!!!!

Marie-Anne Thiébaud: From Shania Twain Friend to Foe

How she could do it?this woman is very ugly
Im sorry for my dear shania


i love blake n chris they're so handsome. i really wanna take some fun with them

David Archuleta Signs Record Deal

i really luv him evan though you dont know someone an theres no point in liking them i still like him im not a fake person who would like him for his looks but mostly for his personalitie i mean he is such a pure person.. .

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens: The Commitment Rings


The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 33

I swear, I dont know what that guy said, but I didnt touch him at all!

David Cook Taken Out to the Ball Game... by Kimberly Caldwell!

i love David Cooks talent, voice and looks. i hope he has great sucess. i will buy any thing he puts out. i wish i had more info on what he is doing each week, since he isn't on the show weekly any more i miss hearing about what he is doing. i wish kimberly and him the best. i hope she is with him for all the right reasons. i think they have a lot in common and could really hit it off. it might be a good moment and it might not be a good moment for him. he has a lot of work ahead of him but he is a person too and needs love in his life....

Another Racy Photo of Miley Cyrus

i look ^ 2 hannah montanah so dis actually makes me think she is real and 4 all use hataz go suck on a cock okay ur just hatin cuz u are fat n u cant show off a body like hur or u jus have no life so chea again suck on dat ~~~~~~~~~ya dig~~~~~~~~~

Paris Hilton Eyes Next Victim: Kristin Cavallari

Kristin doesnt deserve Nick Zano
He was a waaaay cuter couple with Amanda Bynes
This girls is just a stuck up b#$%#$%
At least Amanda got herself famous
All she did was sit there and wine that her dad didnt give her enough money for a new chanel bag

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