Dwayne Johnson, Lauren Hashian
Kate Gosselin: Jon Gosselin and I Have NO Relationship

Kate, loves money more than her husband or 8 children.


Ive always thought they were a cult. These kids have no clue what the real world is like! They are not allowed to socialize with anyone outside of the family! These people are insane!!!

Prince Michael Jackson: Cyber-Bullied on Facebook?

Prince I and Paris are half sibling(they have the same mother but have Different Fathers) Blanket is not related at ALL!!


And whoooooo cares??? She's a beautiful woman!!!

Diplo: I Know Secrets About Taylor Swift!

This guy is seriously creeping me out. Its bad enough that he looks like a creeper, but this obsession of his with TS is just freaky. He is almost 40 and a father of 2 (?) and yet he persists In obsessing over Taylor and trying to draw her into some kind of feud. He probably wants her to write a song about him - don't do it Tay. How about this Dip$hit - how about focusing on YOUR CHILDREN and stop acting like a high school bully? Or how about focusing on your career, since most readers never even heard of you until you attacked Taylor? Or is that it? That NO ONE KNEW WHO YOU WERE UNTIL YOU ATTACKED TAYLOR. I guess that is one way, albeit a CHEAP way, to keep your name on people's lips, huh?!! Just the fact that Katy boned him at all, make Katy seem kind of gross. Now that she is BACK to boning John Layher, I find her seriously GROSS.

Frank johnson
@ LilE

No fool

Malcolm Jamal-Warner: Bill Cosby is the Real Victim Here!

What he said is those who are falsely accused and tried by the press and public with absolutely ZERO proof suffer unconscionable mental pain and heart ache, just as true victims of sexual abuse would or anyone who suffers any kind of mental trama. Do you not think being falsely accused then found guilty by so many without so much as an iota of proof would be extremely painful? Malcom said absolutely nothing wrong.

Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Mo Math, Mo Problems!

Truck A going 30mph will travel 1 mile in 2 mins = 1/4 mile in 30 secs
Truck B going 15mph will travel 1 mile in 4 mins = 1/4 mile in 60 secs Truck B gets a 20 secs head start => 60-20 = 40 secs
Truck A will get there in 30 secs Truck A will get there 10 secs before truck B

Will Ferrell Hurls Basketball at Cheerleader's Face: Find Out Why!

The cheerleader was played by Taryn Terrell, who is a professional wrestler currently working for TNA Wrestling (the #2 promotion behind WWE).


Is anyone REALLY surprised to read this story? This little girl wants to focus in on her looks because it's what she has seen her whole life. Education isn't necessary in this family it seems. I feel badly for this child. Education will last A LOT longer than her looks. What a HUGE mistake!!