I love how all the media makes out Judge Elden Fox to be some kind of bad ass judge who is always going to throw the book at Lindsay, when in an actual fact, does nothing but slap her wrist each and every time.
Lindsay has proven quite a few things during her fall from grace:
1) She is far beyond ever having a legitimate career ever again, particularly after hooking up with the Loser Of All Losers, Samantha Ronson. Nobody in Hollywood wants to touch a gay actor, particularly one with so many flaws as Lindsay.
2) The legal system is a joke.
3) Judge Elden Fox is about as ruthless as a hamster.
4) Celebrities, particularly Lohan, are indeed, above the law.

Source: Ryan Phillippe Shot Down By Rihanna

Seyfried is breaking the cardinal rule of any up and coming star...you should be fucking stars of EQUAL or HIGHER value, and not those below you...as in, Ryan Phillipe...I mean, does he even act anymore, or does he just get paid for being photographed sulking?


* Crickets *


Wow. That was by far the worst song of the decade. Her voice is...well, it's not a voice. It's something that should be illegal. And WTF is with the photo? She looks like a duck.
And WTF is with the Paris Hilton 'I'm Hot' bullshit? Paris Hilton is a washed up nobody (Finally) and she's trying to rip HER off?
Go. The. Fuck. Away.

Lindsay Lohan Tweets: I Would Never Steal!

It's actually interesting to note that whilst everyone accuses her parents of being enablers and allowing her to get away with such behaviour, nobody is saying a thing about the people who can do something about it, yet refuse to do so: The Courts. The Judge involved with Lindsay is actually her biggest supporter when it comes to her thinking she is above the law. He refuses to do anything other than give out shallow threats which never amount to anything, and keeps on letting her get away with EVERYTHING.
Honestly. Drug possession. DUI. Theft. I mean, what the fuck? I blame two people for her thinking she is above the law, which she clearly is due to the lack of punishment: Lindsay herself, and the guy that charades as a judge.


In other news, who gives a shit about Jennifer 'B-Grade Film Actress' Aniston?


It's only natural that Kristen Stewart should be leading the female earnings. She's in Twilight. But these statistics can be quite misleading.
For example, Jennifer Aniston, who is not very well respected amongst her peers in regards to ability and box office pull, made just a little less than Stewart. BUT: She probably made around 48 films in 12 months, her specialty being low budget films (Why would they be anything else on a box office flopper such as Jen?) where as the rest of them only made 2 or so.
It's all about the quality, Jen. Not the quantity.

Water for Elephants Movie Poster: Unveiled!

Reese Witherspoon could not pick a script to save her life. Everything she does, bar Walk The Line, bombs, or just blows in general. Easily the most overpaid actress in Hollywood today.
It appears as though R-Patz has picked up the same trait...aside from Twilight, he graced us with memorable films like...uh, nothing worth mentioning. R-Patz is one dimensional, he can only play one type of character, which rules out doing action films, thrillers, sci fi, etc...he can only do soppy dramas, and unless he's a vampire, his fans don't give a shit about him.
This film will be lucky to make budget, let alone make any kind of profit. And the title? Water For Elephants? Come on....that's just ridiculous.
Can't wait for the sequel: More Shit For The Cinema.

Lindsay Lohan, Glee Cast Bury the Hatchet

What a pathetic effort. Actors apologizing for dissing another actor in a show. If they were so cut up about it, they would have refused to do it at the time. The more actors keep their mouths shut when the stuff is not written for them, the better.

Henry Cavill Named New Superman

I don't think Snyder or Warner's had any problem with Routh, after all, he did a fantastic job with such a bad script in Superman Returns.
The only reason they would not have cast him again, is that he would have been carrying the tag of the last film with him, and they want to start all over again.
In order to start something new, new faces must be brought in.
None the less, it's a formidable line up: Nolan 'Godfathering', Goyer and Nolan writing, Snyder directing. It's bound to be an amazing project, and congratulations must go to Henry Cavill, who must feel right now that he is truly, living the dream.
Now maybe everyone can finally shut up about Tom Welling.
There are many threads arguing that Superman needs to be a great actor. What a load of rubbish. Last time I checked, nobody ever got nominated for an Oscar for portraying a character who, effectively, is so one dimensional. He wears tights. He flies. He barely has any emotion. Not a role which requires a Brando.